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My Angels Work for Me Rev. John Van Drie Sr.
Open the book, open your mind, and prepare to learn.
My Angels Work for Me, by dowser, teacher, and spiritual healer Rev. John Van Drie Sr. is a fascinating account of his life and work with Angels and Guides for common and public good. Accessible to every reader, whether layperson or advanced healer, the book is also practical and informative, with step-by-step "how-to" techniques for dowsing, clearing and spiritual healing.
It often seems, during these difficult times, that there is not much good news to be read out there. Well, John Van Drie Sr. has some... In his book, My Angels Work for Me, we learn of the good work that angels and spirit guides can do when one knows how to work with them. In John Van Drie's case, this has meant helping people with conditions ranging from mental illness to allergies. As a dowser, he has found lost kittens, lost people, found buyers for property, and even assisted in an archaeological dig to find the hidden tomb of Alexander the Great.

Rev. Van Drie is a speaker of renown in the US and internationally, with My Angels Work for Me John Van Drie Sr. has committed to paper his teachings on dowsing, spiritual healing, and clearing of the soul for psychic and physical health, as imparted to attendees of his workshops throughout the US over the last decade. In a practical, straightforward, step-by-step guide, beginners are taught - and advanced healers refreshed on - techniques for making use of the energy of the Universe to help others and themselves.

This book has something for everyone. Even a reader who doesn't feel he or she has what it takes to be a dowser or healer will be fascinated with Rev. Van Drie's life story, his herbal remedies, the case histories and testimonials from people he has assisted, or even his account of his invention of a low-cost, energy-saving cold fusion device.
Publisher's Note
What a fascinating book, and what an amazing man and this book can open up a completely new world. It will be valuable to beginners as well as a more advanced dowser or healer.

It's well-written, in a practical, straightforward, entertaining style. The personal letters and e-mails interspersed with the author's own writing about his life and the activities in which he has been involved give great insight into how much John is loved and respected around the world.

My Angels Work for Me is part-autobiography, part-guide to dowsing, part-testimony to the power of the Universe, and part-encouragement to readers, whether just starting off in the world of dowsing and spiritual healing, or looking to expand their knowledge.

This book has been awaited with great anticipation for several years. Ithaca Press is happy to be part of
My Angels Work for Me.

John often says, "My Angels Are Working for Me.
Are your angels working for you?"

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