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Dowsing Rod, Divining Rod
Rev. John Van Drie Sr.
Open the book, open your mind, and prepare to learn.
My Angels Work for Me, by dowser, teacher, and spiritual healer Rev. John Van Drie Sr. is a fascinating account of his life and work with Angels and Guides for common and public good. Accessible to every reader, whether layperson or advanced healer, the book is also practical and informative, with step-by-step "how-to" techniques for dowsing, clearing and healing.

Dowsing Links

Inspirized - Great tools for Inspiration, Motivation and Self-Empowerment.

Larry McMahon...Hypno-Training - Larry is a Hypnotherapist & Trainer, who helps people to heal and live a full & successful life.

LazyCats Records, New Age Music ~ Guided Meditations - New Age, Native American and Guided Meditation CD's for your listening enjoyment and deep relaxation. Spoken word visualization CD's for the body, mind & Spirit.

Magical Journey - Magical Journey offers Services and Merchandise that support the Spiritual Community. Psychic Readings, Massage Therapy and Aura Photos are offered daily. Visit our Healing Request page.

Traditional Tibetan Herbs - Offers effective natural supplements and related health products.

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John often says, "My Angels Are Working for Me.
Are your angels working for you?"

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