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Dowsing Tools

Open the book, open your mind, and prepare to learn.
My Angels Work for Me, by dowser, teacher, and spiritual healer Rev. John Van Drie Sr. is a fascinating account of his life and work with Angels and Guides for common and public good. Accessible to every reader, whether layperson or advanced healer, the book is also practical and informative, with step-by-step "how-to" techniques for dowsing, clearing and healing.

There are many tools used in dowsing, however, the most common are the "L" rod, "Y" rod, the bobber, and the pendulum. Most water dowsers use either an "L" rod or a "Y" rod. Map dowsing and information dowsers generally use a pendulum. The bobber can be used for just about anything.

The easiest form of spiritual dowsing is using the pendulum and Bill Finch's card. To identify a person the dowser needs their name, age, and town of residence. If it is a very common name like JIM SMITH, a street address lets the dowser better identify the person being checked. Then placing the pendulum over the Bill Finch card, ask if this person is clear of entity attachments, if not, indicate the strongest negative polarity entity. Then count the swings until the pendulum returns to the balanced or to and fro position. Then ask for the strongest positive polarity entity and count the swings again until the pendulum returns back to the balanced position. Then ask if there are any negative programs and count the swings again. Then ask what entity is currently running the body either a negative or positive one. If a negative polarity entity is running the body, there is a chance that it will cause the host to commit suicide. If a strong positive polarity entity is running the body, there is a good chance that the host will commit a murder with impunity. There are many clearing rituals used by dowsers, however, the easiest one to learn and use is available in the book "MY ANGELS WORK FOR ME".

SPIRITUAL HEALING when client is not possessed Use the pendulum and Bill Finch's card and ask the question of the Universe what is the biological, mental, and emotional levels of health of the person being checked using the bottom part of the Finch card. After noting the levels, ask if permission is granted to send your Angels to heal this person. After getting a YES from the Universe, direct them to heal this person. Your intent to heal is executed by your Angels. Then re-check the levels after the healing has been sent. If the healing is still low, ask will the healing be complete in 24 hours, 48 hours, 1 week, 1 month, etc until you get a 100% rating.


John often says, "My Angels Are Working for Me.
Are your angels working for you?"

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