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Dowsing Uses and How Dowsing Works

Open the book, open your mind, and prepare to learn.
My Angels Work for Me, by dowser, teacher, and spiritual healer Rev. John Van Drie Sr. is a fascinating account of his life and work with Angels and Guides for common and public good. Accessible to every reader, whether layperson or advanced healer, the book is also practical and informative, with step-by-step "how-to" techniques for dowsing, clearing and healing.


The main uses of dowsing from antiquity is for water. In many paintings and statues, the King or the Priest would be holding a dowsing tool of some kind. Nowadays we use dowsing to find water, oil, treasure, locate missing children, etc. Water dowsers use the pendulum and map dowse the property looking for a water vein and then go into the field and verify their map dowsing which saves a lot of time walking over the big property.

There is several methods used in map dowsing.

1. Dowse from each corner of the map and direct the pendulum to swing towards the goal and using a ruler draw a line in the direction that the pendulum is swinging. Do this from each corner of the map and note where the four lines intersect. Sometimes the box showing where they all intersect will be small and a ruler can be used under the box and ask the pendulum if the goal is still above the box and gradually move the ruler up until you get a NO from you pendulum. Then mover the ruler from the side and do the same thing until you get another NO. This way you have really localized the spot that you are looking for. If you are looking for a missing child you first ask if the child is still alive. If you get a YES answer then you map dowse using the proceedure above.

2. Another way to map dowse for something, ask the question is it located east of the Miississippi river, if not, it is located in the northern half of the states west of the Mississippi, if not, go through the state located in the southern portion of the WEST until you get a right state. Then use the 4 corners technique or get a state map and use a ruler at the bottom of the map and slowly move the ruler up asking all the time whether it is north of the ruler. When you get a NO, you back off a little and draw a line across the state. The going from one of the sides of the map move the ruler towards the other side asking question whether is it to the left of the ruler while your are moving the ruler. When you get a NO answer, back off a little and draw a line intersecting the previous line. Then put your pencil on the point of intersection and ask the question if this is the exact location of your goal. If not, move the pencil around until you get a YES answer.

John often says, "My Angels Are Working for Me.
Are your angels working for you?"

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